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  • Type of Procedure: Breast Augmentation

    My name is Carrie and I am a 33 year old single mom from Arkansas who underwent breast augmentation surgery in August of 2011. When considering the surgery, my primary concern was that after surgery, the pain and swelling would impact my ability to care for my girls, ages 1 & 5 years old. My surgeon advised me to lay low for a couple of days after surgery and that I might need some help with the kids. I started using SofPulse after my surgery and I didn't have any problem taking care of my children the following day. While I was a bit sore, this did not prevent me from caring for the girls or even holding my 1 year old. Friends and family were ready to help, yet were surprised at how well I looked and felt after surgery. Several of my friends who had previously undergone augmentation surgery were surprised at how I was not swollen.

    My doctor prescribed two Percocet's every four hours for pain; I took one to stay ahead of the pain. I honestly think I may have been able to not take any, but was still scared of the pain that could occur. Three days after my surgery I went out of town and did not take SofPulse with me. My pain level increased and I started to take the two prescribed pills every four hours. What a difference - I felt very dizzy and sleepy from the pills. Fortunately I had family around to help take care of my kids. I would not consider any surgical procedure without SofPulse to help me get better.

    —Carrie from Arkansas

  • Type of Procedure: Breast Reconstruction

    My Doctor placed the SofPulse device on me after my breast reconstruction surgery on December 6, 2011. I had minimal pain using the device, and I didn't really realize how much it had helped decrease the pain until the doctor removed it on December 13, 2011. I had a considerable amount more pain without the device than with it. I am so glad this non-narcotic option is now available. I also e-mailed the company that makes the device and they were very quick to respond. They also followed up with me to see how things were going 2 or 3 times. I was very impressed with the customer service and would highly recommend this device for anyone who is undergoing breast surgery.

    —Angie from Charlotte

  • Type of Procedure: Abdominoplasty

    I am a 39 year old health care worker who underwent Abdominoplasty in January of 2012. The SofPulse pain management system had just become available in my office. I had my doubts that it would work, but I was willing to be the first person in the office to give it a try. 


    After the procedure, my doctor placed the device on my abdomen and set it to automatic.  When she came into my room she asked me where the pain was located. I told her that my super pubic area was hurting. She moved the device down. The next day when she came in she asked me where I was in pain. I told her up top. We moved it to the middle and it worked very well.  I was off my Percocet in three days and back to work in six. I believe this product does work well and recommend it to all of my patients for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

    —Jamie from Lexington Kentucky

  • Type of Procedure: Umbilical Hernia Repair

    I am a board certified plastic surgeon and a founding diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. I had a recurrent umbilical hernia repair in January of 2012 and used SofPulse technology for pain control. The only pain medications I took were narcotics on the day of surgery and one Celebrex on the day after surgery. This is unusual as hernia repairs are painful for several weeks after surgery. I recommend SofPulse for my patients for drug (and complication) free pain control after surgery.

    —Susan E. Kolb M.D., F.A.C.S., A.B.I.H.M.

    Author of The Naked Truth About Breast Implants, and contributing author to The Goddess Shift: Women Leading for a Change and Optimism! These two anthologies have coauthors including Oprah, Michelle Obama, Jimmy Carter, Prince Charles, Steve Jobs, Angelina Jolie, and Whoppie Goldberg.

  • Type of Procedure: Breast Reduction

    Malene is a forty-year-old mother and executive assistant. She heard about SofPulse through her work for a medical device distribution company. Malene had been thinking about getting breast reduction and liposuction for a long time. When the time came and her surgery date had been set, she was nervous about the pain killers she would need to take during breast reduction surgery recovery. “I have a really hard time with narcotics,” Malene said. “I have a high pain tolerance, but I do not do well with medication…I decided to give SofPulse a try because it can’t hurt, and if it could make things better–great!”

    Malene was the first patient at this clinic to use SofPulse–nobody was quite sure what to expect. “I had my first follow up 4 days post-op. The nurse carefully removed the garment to check my progress. The nurse said, “Oh my goodness, this looks GREAT! You don’t have any bruising. Usually a patient 4 days post-op would have definite bruising throughout the upper ribs and around the sides, but you don’t show any signs of bruising in the usual places.”

    Her results only got better: “On my second follow up the surgeon saw me. He pressed my skin near the incision area and I didn’t feel much pain. He asked me how much pain medication I was taking and when I said “none” he was very surprised and pleased. I was able to stop taking narcotics four days after my surgery, and stopped taking Tylenol two days after that.

    Now two months after surgery, Malene is still experiencing a bit of normal swelling but is already ecstatic about the results of her procedure. “I have very minimal scarring–I attribute that to the SofPulse.  I can say my experiences were great…I knew I was different by the doctor’s reactions. I think they’ll be using SofPulse again!”

    —Interview with Malene from California

  • Type of Procedure: Breast Augmentation

    I am a patient of Dr. Dry ( and I recently had breast augmentation surgery with him. I wore the Sofpulse for 5 days and had a great experience with the product. I had far less pain than previous surgeries and I would highly recommend Sofpulse.

    —Sharon from Seattle

  • Type of Procedure: Breast Augmentation

    I want to share my experience with SofPulse. Trust me, I do believe it helped. I'm in the field of occupational therapy and use similar devices to promote healing, decrease swelling, and decrease pain for patients. The scientific evidence behind it is that it sends small unnoticeable electrical pulses through the tissue around your breasts, this stimulation increases blood flow. Increasing blood flow increases healing, decreases pain, and decreases swelling. It basically speeds up recovery. They placed it around my breasts over my wrap immediately post op. Once turned on it operates on a cycle that continues for up to seven days.

    Of five women who had a breast augmentation the same day by the same plastic surgeon, I was the only one that got SofPulse. I didn't have to use ice at all. Within two days I was able to stop pain pills and just used anti inflammatory medication. Day 4 post op I went to an appointment with my plastic surgeon... no pain. The plastic surgeon said swelling was completely gone, and I was able to drive home three hours away that day with no trouble. The other women who didn't choose to get the Sofpulse, according to my plastic surgeon, had been very sore still and with swelling. I am posting this in hopes that other women can have the amazing recovery that I had.

    —Mother of two from Kentucky

  • Type of Procedure: Hysterectomy

    I just can’t say thank you enough for my SofPulse after my hysterectomy. Not only did it speed my recovery physically, it made me feel like I was doing something proactive for myself even while I was just resting on my couch. The mental boost cannot be discounted. I know I was more active sooner with SofPulse.

    —Suzanne from San Francisco

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