What is SofPulse®?

SofPulse is a non-invasive therapy that reduces swelling and pain from a hospital or office-based surgical procedure.

How does SofPulse work?

SofPulse delivers low intensity microcurrents of energy directly to the procedure site, to enhance recovery, naturally.  This natural process allows patients to get back to life faster with less use of narcotics.

How do I use SofPulse?

Your surgeon will place and activate SofPulse immediately after your procedure.  It will be placed over your surgical dressing or clothing and should be removed before bathing/showering.  The length of time you should use SofPulse will vary depending on the type of procedure you underwent. 

Are there any side-effects?

Unlike prescription drugs or narcotic painkillers, no side effects have been reported with the use of SofPulse*. 

Narcotic painkillers and prescription anti-inflammatory medications can result in vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, bleeding of the stomach, severe drowsiness, constipation, and many other adverse side effects.  With all treatments performed to date, there are no adverse events. And because SofPulse minimizes the requirement for prescription medication, there are reduced risks of addiction or overdose.



*Data on file at Ivivi Health Sciences

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