Over the past 10 years there have been numerous clinical trials and basic science papers published in peer-reviewed journals. After FDA clearance in December of 2008, clinical trials continue to be published. Additional studies are ongoing.

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A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Pilot Study in Breast Reduction Patients.

Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on Interleukin-1β and Postoperative Pain.
Rohde C, Chiang A, Adipoju O, Casper D, Pilla A.  Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 2010; 125: 1.

A Double-Blind Randomized Pilot Study in Breast Augmentation Patients.

Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on Postoperative Pain.
Heden P, Pilla A.  Aesth Plast Surg. 2008.

Johnson MG, Ramanathan M, Owegi R, Pilla AA.  “Modulation of Carrageenan-Induced Paw Edema and Hyperalgesia in the Rat with Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy.,” BEMS Annual Meeting, June 2008

Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy on Pain, Inflammation, and Edema.

In-vivo Assessment in the Rat Hind Paw.
Johnson MT.  Indiana State University School of Medicine, Department of Microbiology and Immunology. 2008.

A Review of Scientific Breakthroughs and Current Understanding of PEMF Therapy.

Evidence-Based Use of Pulsed Eletromagnetic Field Therapy in Clinical Plastic Surgery.
Strauch B, Herman C, Dabb R, Ignarro L, Pilla A.  Aesthetic Surg. 2009;29:135-143.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Increases Tensile Strength in a Rat Achilles’ Tendon Repair Model.

In-vivo Study Demonstrating Significant acceleration in Tendon Repair in the Rat Animal Model.
Strauch B, Patel M, Rosen D, Mahadevia S, Brindzei N, Pilla A. J Hand Surg 2006.

Pulsed Magnetic Fields Accelerate Cutaneous Wound Healing in Rats

In-vivo Assessment in the Rat Animal Model.
Strauch B, Patel M, Navarro J, Berdichevsky M, Yu H, Pilla A.  Plast. Reconstr. Surg 2007. 

Pulsed Magnetic Fields Applied to a Transferred Arterial Loop Support the Rat Groin Composite Flap.

In-Vivo Study Demonstrating Significant Improvement in Flap Survival in a Standard Model.
Weber R, Navarro A, Wu J, Yu H, Strauch B. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 2004.

Effects of Pulsed Magnetic Energy on a Microsurgically Transferred Vessel.

In-Vivo Study Demonstrating that Pulsed Magnetic Energy increases neovascularization in a Standard Model.
Roland D, Ferder M, Kothuru R, Faierman T, Strauch B. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 105:1371, 2000.

A Double Blind Pilot Clinical Study on Spinal Cord Injured Patients with Pressure Ulcers.

In-Vivo Study Demonstrating that Pulsed Magnetic Energy Enhances Healing of Chronic Wounds and Reduces Pain and Suffering.
Kloth LC, Berman JE, Jeutter DC, Pilla AA, Epner ME.  Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine.  F Bersani ed.  Plenum, NY. 1999. pp 875-878.

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